Managed Solutions

Over the last eight years, volatility and low interest rates have proven the importance of active diversification and asset allocation. Even in the face of less-than-ideal investment conditions, managed solutions have delivered greater stability and lower volatility.

The new paradigm of globalism vs. populism is bringing changes to the market environment and increasing uncertainty. Canadians are exposed to these trends, regardless of where they invest.  The key is to invest with professionals who possess the global experience needed to understand these developments and adjust accordingly.

 AGF’s Asset Allocation Committee consists of senior investment professionals who analyze and allocate across global bond and equity markets. They provide an active asset allocation outlook for many of AGF’s products, including AGF Elements® Portfolios. The Committee determines the Portfolios’ long-term strategic and shorter-term tactical allocations with a focus on downside protection.

Our Approach: Increase Consistency And Optimize Returns

Forecast: Long-term Strategic Asset Allocation

  • Outlook for each asset class
  • Detailed review of capital markets and economic environment
  • Firm-wide survey of investment professionals
  • Forecast views are established

Construct: Underlying Fund Manager review

  • Reverse-optimization of implied returns
  • Forecast views are incorporated in optimization
  • Desirable asset mixes are selected
  • Asset mix is mapped to funds
  • Adherence to investment policy statement

Monitor: Tactical Asset Allocation

  • Weekly meetings and real-time monitoring
  • Review of capital markets and portfolios
  • Analysis of underlying funds
  • Asset class signpost review
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