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Interactive tools to help you build and strengthen relationships


Build trust and strengthen your client relationships with our interactive portfolio tools. Evaluate and compare funds, perform calculations based on a client's life events and markets, or request an evaluation of a portfolio. 

Featured Tools

AGF Insights Portfolio Lab

Equisoft Screen

AGF Insights Portfolio Lab powered by Equisoft is a web-based tool with robust portfolio analytics capabilities to deliver the insights that are more important to you.

The tool provides you with the ability to analyze and compare portfolios, and output configurable portfolio reports containing a wide array of statistics.

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Portfolio Consulting Services

Portfolio Consulting Screen

Partner with AGF's Portfolio Consulting Team to assist in building model portfolios that meet the objectives of both you and your clients, or review your model portfolio for potential improvement in efficiency and overall risk/return trade-offs inherent in portfolios.


Other Tools

Product Finder and Compare Funds

View prices, performance and distributions of AGF mutual funds and ETFs in our Product Finder, or use Compare Funds to compare by fund name, fund code, or asset class.

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Alternative Investing Portfolio Allocation Tool

See the potential impact of adding an anti-beta strategy to a traditional 60/40 portfolio.


Performance Calculator

Review the performance of investments in any AGF mutual fund over a selected period of time.

RRSP Calculator

This calculator can help uncover how much to contribute to live the retirement clients are looking for.

RRIF / LIF / TFSA Calculator

This calculator can help you determine how much money you can receive from a RRIF, LIF or even a TFSA and how long that income will last.

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