Alternative Investing Strategies

In times of market volatility, your clients need an alternative solution that can provide a hedge in their portfolios to help offset risk and potentially generate returns in down markets.


Why AGFiQ during Volatile Markets

The AGFiQ U.S. Market Neutral Anti-Beta CAD-Hedged ETF (QBTL)  is designed as an effective hedge to equity market volatility. The strategy’s long portion holds U.S. equities with below average beta, and shorts securities with above average beta. This has the potential to increase returns during market volatility and with a negative correlation to the broad equity market.

It can be held strategically to lower overall risk within a portfolio over the long-term, or as a tactical tool to add returns during drawdown periods in the U.S. market.



Continuing Education

An Introduction to Liquid Alternatives

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AGF Alternatives

Our expertise and partnerships across the spectrum of alternative strategies allows investors access to and benefit from allocations to alternatives investments as part of a disciplined investment approach.

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