Alternative Investing Strategies

Today’s Equity Market Volatility and Low Yields Pose Challenges for Investors.

Liquid alternatives fit well with investors seeking specific outcomes over the medium to long term, such as improving risk-adjusted returns or greater portfolio diversification.


Benefits of Liquid Alternatives

Liquid alternatives combine the transparency and liquidity of mutual funds with the investment flexibility of hedge funds. These alternative sources of returns provide the potential for diversification, lower volatility and attractive risk-adjusted returns that are non-correlated from traditional stock and bond markets.
Solutions that utilize a long/short construction have historically shown lower correlations to traditional equity and fixed income investments with the potential to provide greater diversification and reduced volatility over the long-term.
Downside Protection
An allocation to a market neutral strategy has the potential to reduce overall portfolio risk while smoothing out the effects of volatility.
Unique Sources of Returns
Liquid alternatives seek to deliver returns outside of the traditional “buy and hold” approach with unique structures. This can complement existing holdings and provide tools for very strategic portfolio positioning.
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