Sustainable Operations and Governance

Sustainable Operations and Governance icon

AGF believes a robust governance framework sets clear responsibilities, policies, and procedures for managing sustainability risks and opportunities.

With the leadership of AGF’s Sustainability Council and oversight of AGF’s Executive Management Team and Board of Directors, we have developed a culture within AGF regarding active management of corporate sustainability key risks and opportunities by promoting open discussion and forward-looking integration of management into AGF’s processes and strategy.

Key areas of focus for AGF include:

  •    Data Security & Privacy
  •    Business Ethics
  •    Transparent Information & Fair Advice for Customers
  •    Governance
  •    Operational Footprint
  •    Community Relations

We are continually assessing the effectiveness of our overall governance practices and oversight and aim to evolve to ensure that they are in line with industry best practices and expectations. AGF’s governance framework is designed to ensure that sustainability considerations are included into business strategy, risk management, and performance measurement.