War in the Middle East and the Potential Threat to Markets

Season 4, Episode 7 | November 2, 2023

The world's geopolitical climate continues to grow more dangerous following the recent outbreak of war in the Middle East. So why do investors seem relatively unfazed by the tragic events that are unfolding? On this episode of Inside Perspectives, Kevin McCreadie discusses the market's reaction to the beginnings of yet another devastating conflict with guests Greg Valliere and General Andrew Leslie.



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Speaker key:

DP: David Pett, Host and Editor of AGF Perspectives
KM: Kevin McCreadie, CEO and Chief Investment Officer
GV: Greg Valliere, AGF’s Chief U.S. Policy Strategist
Gen. AL: Lt. General (ret'd) the Honourable Andrew Leslie, PC, CMM, MSC, MSM, CD, RCA, BA, MA, PhD (hc)