What China Wants (and What the World Wants from China)

Season 3, Episode 4 | September 19, 2022

The Ukraine War is igniting fears of a new Cold War, but it’s not just the original two super powers, Russia and the United States, that are butting heads. On this episode of Inside Perspectives, Kevin McCreadie AGF’s CEO and Chief Investment Officer is joined by AGF Portfolio Manager Regina Chi and special guest General Andrew Leslie to talk about China’s growing influence on the geopolitical landscape today.



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Speaker key:

DP: David Pett, Host and Editor of AGF Perspectives
KM: Kevin McCreadie, CEO and Chief Investment Officer
RC: Regina Chi, Vice-President and Portfolio Manager
Gen. AL: Lt. General (ret'd) the Honourable Andrew Leslie, PC, CMM, MSC, MSM, CD, RCA, BA, MA, PhD (hc)