AGF’s COVID-19 Preparedness Response


May 12, 2020
Update to Statement Dated March 27, 2020


AGF’s COVID-19 Preparedness Response

As previously communicated, AGF has taken specific measures to ensure business continuity and the protection of our employees around the world in light of the rapidly evolving situation related to the novel coronavirus: COVID-19. We can confirm we have experienced no impact to our business operations to date and no instances of business operations interruption.

To maintain our business-as-usual operations and importantly to protect the health and safety of our employees, clients and communities the following measures remain in place:

  • We currently have less than 20 employees, or 3%, who continue to perform critical functions out of primary and secondary office locations in Ontario, including functions such as Call Centre and Operations staff.
  • Outside of Ontario, the following locations currently have 100% of employees working remotely-
    • Vancouver, BC, Canada
    • Calgary, AB, Canada
    • Montreal, QC, Canada
    • Boston, Massachusetts, USA
    • Dublin, Ireland
    • Singapore
  • Existing business travel bans and bans on participation in external conferences and events remain in place until further notice.

Our executive team has turned our attention to refining our back-to-office plan. At this time we have no definitive date for our return to each of our offices and are awaiting further guidance from local Government and Public Health agencies. However, in preparation for the repatriation of AGF employees, we have identified the following guiding principles, in priority order, as critical to our planning and activities:

  1.  Employee physical safety will be paramount. We will ensure all of our facilities meet the   recommendations of local Government and Public Health agencies before allowing return.

  2. Employee mental health will be top of mind. As our current capabilities are allowing us to operate effectively, we have no need to rush back and any return will be gradual and measured. We will also be accepting and supportive of the personal and family health, public transit, and child education/day care constraints of our employees.

  3. As an essential service we must maintain the ability to meet and exceed client service needs. Preference, priority and any declaration of mandatory presence in the office will consider these needs.

  4. Culturally we must provide the capability to ensure ongoing collaboration and teamwork in a mixed at home and at work environment, so no employee feels disadvantaged by their present choice.

Our employees have proven we can effectively work from home and by embracing technology, have also found new ways to do things finding efficiency and benefits in this environment.

Thank you for your ongoing support during this uncertain time. We will continue to carefully monitor developments both at home and abroad. Should the need arise, we will be quick to update you further.

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