AGF Highstreet Canadian Equity

Quantitative, Fundamental Approach
Multi-Factor, All Cap
S&P/TSX Composite Total Return
Inception Date
October 1998

Key Reasons to Invest

    • Seeks to provide investors with better earnings growth than the S&P/TSX Composite Benchmark
    • Provides a better valuation profile relative to the benchmark
    • Provides access to high quality investments relative to the benchmark
    • Provides a risk profile similar to the benchmark


The Highstreet Canadian Equity Strategy incorporates quantitative research and fundamental analysis in a systematic investment process that has three components: (1) Sector Allocation, (2) Stock Selection and (3) Portfolio Implementation. The investment team’s proprietary bottom-up sector allocation and stock selection models identify the most attractive investment opportunities and through the portfolio construction process, alpha is captured while the risk is managed.


At the Strategy’s foundation lies empirically based research and the combination of quantitative and fundamental investing.  We believe that investment success can be achieved through blending quantitative and fundamental analysis to capture alpha drivers at the sector level– Growth, Value, Quality and Risk (GVQ+R ™). We believe these fundamental alpha drivers differ between sectors.  We believe there is a strong opportunity in Canada for added value through sector diversification and allocation


The investment process is driven by bottom-up stock and sector models. The sector allocation model highlights the relative attractiveness of Highstreet’s unique sectors, while the stock selection models identify the most attractive stocks for investment consideration. In both stock selection and sector allocation, a fundamental review is completed to verify the quantitative model and to identify any risks not captured by Highsteet’s models.