AGFiQ: Quant Investing

In an ever-evolving and increasingly complex market environment, only the forward-thinking, creative and intellectually rigorous can adapt and thrive. These qualities define everything we do for investors – and what separates us from the rest of the pack.


Our Un-artificial Intelligence

We collectively believe that in quantitative approaches, it’s the people behind the strategies that truly drives innovation.

Multi-disciplined Team

Multi-disciplined Team:

The AGFiQ investment team has six Ph.D. holders in fields spanning Astrophysics, Computer Science, Finance and Economics. We pride ourselves on thinking differently and do so by combining diverse and complementary strengths which lead to innovative investment approaches.

Research Focused

Research Focused:

Our relentless passion for research and understanding drives our ability to advance the wealth accumulation and preservation goals of investors. We dig and dissect, discuss and debate, before we come to a decision, no matter what the data may say. That’s how we ensure stability for our clients.

Our Research Platform

Having access to financial data is crucially important. However true, investment success will only lie with those who can analyze and interpret the data and apply their learnings to investment models. We have found that external, third-party systems are not keeping pace with our ideas, our research and the flexibility and customization requirements we need to deliver better outcomes.

As a result, we have developed a platform that includes:

  • Global Database: houses a long history of fundamentals, analyst estimates, index constituents and pricing information
  • Code Library: a collection of well-defined, pre-written and tested codes that can be effectively reused by our teams for speed and efficiency, to collaborate on larger initiatives in a common language, minimise errors and perform easy maintenance on models
  • Factor Research: a systematic approach to identifying alpha and risk factors proven in economic rationale, exhibiting a high predictive efficacy and low correlation to existing factors

The platform enables us to define customized factors and build risk models and portfolio optimizations tailored for the unique investment objectives of each strategy, keeping pace with our ideas and the ever-evolving market.

In-house Global Database – Harnessing the Explosion of Data

Over 4.5 Billion rows of data, 800 gigabytes and growing every day, Equivalent to 80 Wikipedias
24/7 data processing
50+ reports and tools ready before 6:00 a.m. every morning, representing 1000s of charts
reports run up to the minute and run continually through the day
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