Alternatives Strategies

Alternative Investment Strategies

Investing in alternative asset classes requires discipline, knowledge and preparation as alternative investment opportunities continue to grow for institutional investors. While the opportunities expand so to can the complexity within the asset class. As the landscape continues to evolve, having partnerships with experienced investment managers will help investors sift through the complexity as they continue to allocate to the asset class to benefit from the diversification and the potential for uncorrelated returns, reduced volatility and the potential for sizeable yield.

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AGFiQ’s Quantitative Investment Platform

AGFiQ is grounded in the belief that investment outcomes can be improved by assessing and targeting the factors that drive market returns. This belief is guided by AGFiQ’s shared quantitative investment principles, resulting in a transparent, consistent, and repeatable investment process. These range from tactical, alternative ways to access equities, unique risk mitigation strategies and innovative income-generating solutions.

The AGFiQ investment team uses a disciplined, factor-based approach which allows for intelligent and informed allocations in order to achieve investment objectives.

The main factors we consider are market capitalization, value, momentum, quality and volatility.