ETF Strategist

Our ETF Strategist Capabilities

ETFs are increasingly becoming the go-to building blocks for asset managers and their clients seeking to construct multi-asset strategies. Morningstar defines an ETF strategy as one that is constructed with more than 50% of assets dedicated to ETFs. Asset allocators have found that the rapidly expanding world of ETFs provides them with an ever increasing opportunity set to express their investment views, tailored to a client’s goals for growth, income or capital presentation.

The increasing universe and choice in ETFs globally has led to the emergency of the ETF strategist as a new form of asset manager – delivering portfolio construction and ETF selection expertise to deliver model portfolio solutions for all types of investors and outcomes.


ETF Strategist

We have a deep understanding of all the moving parts within the ETF ecosystem. This allows the AGFiQ team to provide strategic and educated insight into the design and implementation of an ETF strategy portfolio for any type of institutional client with a focus on the client’s desired outcomes.

Along with our range of strategies, the AGFiQ team constructs portfolios from ETFs to meet the needs of institutional investors. We can customize these portfolios of ETFs as bespoke solutions to meet an individual client’s needs. They can be customized within a portfolio solution to fit strategic objectives, such as equitizing cash or creating liquidity.

Portfolios can be constructed along a number of dimensions, enabling our clients to fine-tune their portfolio to reach their particular investment objectives. ETF Managed Portfolios have become a low-cost way to implement multi-asset allocation views.

Our experience as asset managers, index creators and ETF manufacturer’s lends itself to deep expertise at all stages of the ETF portfolio construction and implementation process. AGFiQ has experience managing investment mandates across equities, fixed income and alternatives for pensions, sovereign wealth funds, foundations and private clients. Our history of idea generation and implementation with index partners has placed us at the forefront of creating and managing market neutral long/short passive index strategies, in addition to long only domestic, international and currency hedged products.

AGFiQ employs an open architecture model to best tailor investment design with desired investment outcomes. We believe our unique insight into the creation of ETFs as an issuer of proprietary and sub-advised ETFs lends expertise to strategy design, implementation and trading.

AGFiQ Strategist Solutions

*The Strategies all nest upon the building blocks of each individual strategy (i.e. U.S. Strategy formulates our strategic over/under sector weights, Global uses U.S. Strategy as a core component and adds International regional exposure etc.)