Customized Solutions

AGFiQ Strategic Customized Solutions

At AGFiQ, our expertise in rules-based, factor-driven traditional and alternative investment solutions has led to client partnerships in which we create customized solutions based on their outcome-oriented strategic goals.

We have previously worked as an Investment Adviser to a suite of multi-factor ETFs and also worked closely with Index providers for implementation of indices that were focused on low volatility, high quality and dividend paying companies which were subsequently constructed into ETFs. As a team, we have implemented and constructed domestic and developed international markets multi-factor ETFs and a currency hedged version of international ETFs.

Our experience and expertise spans asset classes, vehicles and outcomes to provide our clients with a custom solution that works to satisfy their investment objectives.

Next Generation Beta Exposure

AGFiQ is experienced in product innovation, portfolio management and trading.

The demand for alternative and strategic exposure to beta is growing. At AGFiQ, we believe we are a true differentiator with our experience and expertise.

Our Portfolio Management expertise provides us with the ability to construct and manage specific factor exposures in a wide variety of implementations – domestic, international, long only, long/short or currency hedged. This allows us to target specific factors and market exposures, hedge client or portfolio specific exposures and implement systematic strategies designed to express investment beliefs.

Our trading expertise extends to an ability to source, manage and trade both long and short baskets of securities. We also benefit from many long standing relationships with Prime Brokers and Swap counterparties.

With our level of experience, there are many client objectives we can help achieve. The AGFiQ team can create customized, innovative solutions that bridge the gap between active and passive approaches. The result is a transparent, quantitative, systematic and rules-based approach similar to traditional cap-weighted passive approaches. It also provides alternate exposures and outcomes to cap-weighted passive indexes, while incorporating elements of fundamental investing in a rules-based framework.

We have a fee conscious strategy implementation and a history of partnerships with experts in both sub-advisory and white label services.