Success is the discipline to play tomorrow’s game today.

Looking beyond the scoreboard

August 8, 2018 • Experience Investing

Why today’s fans can be a game changer for tomorrow's sport.

Sports provides significant benefits to individuals and society. It is an important part of the national economy and has the ability to bring together people from all walks of life who share a common passion for competition and entertainment.

In many countries fan support has made the sports market grow faster than GDP, but it takes discipline to look deeper into the impact of their engagement.

As the fan experience evolves with greater connectivity, there are many factors at play with the potential to disrupt the entertainment paradigm, creating new opportunities for companies involved in its ecosystem.

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The discipline today to stay ahead of tomorrow.

See how AGF can deliver stability to your investments, whatever tomorrow may bring.

Tomorrow is our opponent.

Tomorrow the rules will be rewritten, the players will change, and what we call progress today will be history tomorrow. How can we succeed in the face of uncertainty? Do we play by tomorrow’s rules? Do we chase the latest trends? Do we just follow where tomorrow leads us? No. We can’t allow volatility to hinder our success. We must remain disciplined. Focused on repeatable growth and delivering consistent results. A Shared Intelligence network captures the full global picture of every sector because there’s no such thing as a local market. A Measured Approach employs well-defined and consistent practices to minimize risk and maximize growth. And Active Accountability discovers the story behind the intelligence because data is just the beginning of insight. These are the tools of the disciplined. And these are how we deliver stability to your investments, whatever tomorrow may bring.