AGF Systematic Global Multi-Sector Bond ETF

Multi-Sector Fixed Income | Canadian Dollar Version

Why Invest in This Fund?

1A Canadian First

Canada’s first ETF to use a systematic, multi-factor approach to select fixed income securities.

2Potential for Higher Returns

Designed to maintain a target risk profile in line with a broad-based benchmark with the potential to provide higher risk-adjusted returns.

3Focused Risk Management

Risk management is embedded thoroughly within the bond portfolio construction and monitoring process.

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AGF Systematic Global Multi-Sector Bond ETF invests directly in individual fixed income securities of issuers from around the world and may also invest in securities of other investment funds, including one or more ETFs. ETF Characteristics, Fixed Income Allocation, Credit Mix and Top 10 Countries are determined based on all individual securities that AGF Systematic Global Multi-Sector Bond ETF invests in directly or indirectly, and include aggregate holdings of any underlying funds.

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Investments denominated in foreign currencies are subject to fluctuations in exchange rates, which may have an adverse effect on the value of the investments, sale proceeds, and on dividend or interest income. Investors may not necessarily recoup the full value of their original investment. Investors should be aware that forward-looking statements and forecasts may not be realized.