Go global to diversify and boost returns

It’s important to take advantage of global markets to maximize your portfolio potential. Global diversification allows investors to find opportunities and sectors that may not always be present in their domestic market.

The AGF Differential: Global Roots and Global Expertise

AGF has always understood the importance and impact of the global markets to investors. It’s in our DNA and was the reason the company was founded 60 years ago – to democratize access to foreign markets to all Canadian investors.

Global Equities

Experience: Stephen Way is the longest-tenured global equity manager in Canada and the architect of the team’s investment process.

Process: Proprietary investment process that has been refined over the past 20+ years and is centred on economic value-added (EVA) and risk controls.

Diversity: 9 countries, 13 languages, 175+ years of experience. Our Global Equity team speaks the language of the companies we invest in. Our cultural diversity enables us to better understand the nuances in our 800+ company meetings each year.

Global Fixed Income

Experience: Portfolio managers with an average of 23 years’ experience actively managing global fixed income mandates. Team with extensive experience researching and trading global bonds and currencies.

 Process: Investment process built upon specialized roles and responsibilities that captures efficiencies across the team, enabling full coverage across a broad investment universe.

 Collaboration: Daily interaction and collaboration of fixed income and equity analysts allows for strong understanding of the macroeconomic factors and market opportunities.