Managed Solutions.

Over the last eight years, volatility and low interest rates have proven the importance of active diversification and asset allocation. Even in the face of less-than-ideal investment conditions, managed solutions have delivered greater stability and lower volatility.

Enhanced Risk Management Oversight

The AGF Asset Allocation Committee (Committee) consists of senior investment professionals who provide ongoing asset allocation and risk management oversight to AGF Elements® Portfolios.  Each quarter, the Committee meets to:

  • Analyze and assess the macroeconomic environment and capital markets
  • Forecast returns and identify market risks
  • Determine asset allocation strategies and provide recommendations to allocate across bonds and equities   

Each AGF Elements Portfolio is then actively rebalanced to capitalize on long-term, strategic opportunities and through the use of ETFs, the Portfolios are able to facilitate a shorter-term, tactical approach to asset allocation, aiming to maximize returns while taking on an appropriate amount of risk.

Three Layers of Active Management = Better Risk-Adjusted Returns


The Committee formally reviews the Portfolios each quarter, provide their market outlook and tailored recommendations.


Underlying mutual fund and ETF Portfolio Managers focus on maximizing their specific opportunities and manage in-line with their stated investment objective and strategy.


AGF Elements Portfolio Manager reviews the recommendations of the Committee, provide oversight and continual monitoring of the Portfolios.

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