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AGF Reports May 2018 Assets Under Management

June 5, 2018 • Monthly Sales

AGF Management Limited reported total fee-earning assets under management (AUM) of $38.4 billion as at May 31, 2018. 

AGF’s AUM figures reflect organic growth for a second consecutive quarter for retail mutual funds. Blake C. Goldring, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, will be appearing at an external investor conference on June 6, 2018.  As part of the event, Mr. Goldring will disclose retail mutual fund net sales of $85 million for Q2 2018, an improvement from $107 million of net redemptions in the same quarter last year1. “With the right plan and the right people in place, AGF is delivering consistent improvements in net flows. Even with a slowdown in mutual fund sales across the industry, we are seeing continued momentum” said Mr. Goldring. 

AUM ($ billions) May 31, 2018 April 30, 2018 % Change Month-Over-Month May 31, 2017 % Change Year-Over-Year
Total Mutual Fund (including retail pooled funds) $19.1 $19.0 $18.9
Institutional and Sub-advisory + High-net-worth + Exchange-traded funds $18.3 $17.2 $16.6
Total AUM $37.4 $36.2 $35.5
Alternative asset management platform AUM $1.0 $0.9 $0.9
Total AUM (including  alternative asset management platform AUM) $38.4 $37.1 3.5% $36.4 5.5%
Average Daily Mutual Fund AUM $18.7 $18.6 $18.8

Mutual Fund AUM by Category (including retail pooled funds) ($ billions)  May 31, 2018 April 30, 2018 May 31, 2017
Domestic Equity Funds $3.6 $3.6 $2.8
U.S. and International Equity Funds 8.6 8.6 9.4
Domestic Balanced Funds 1.1 1.3 1.6
U.S. and International Balanced Funds 1.1 1.0 0.8
Domestic Fixed Income Funds 1.3 1.3 2.1
U.S. and International Fixed Income Funds 3.3 3.1 2.1
Domestic Money Market 0.1 0.1 0.1
Total Mutual Fund AUM $19.1 $19.0 $18.9

1Net sales in retail mutual funds are calculated as reported mutual fund net sales (redemptions) less non-recurring institutional net sales (redemptions) in excess of $5.0 million invested in our mutual funds.


Founded in 1957, AGF Management Limited (AGF) is a diversified global asset management firm with retail, institutional, alternative and high-net-worth businesses. As an independent firm, AGF brings a disciplined approach to delivering excellence in investment management and providing an exceptional client experience. AGF’s suite of diverse investment solutions extends globally to a wide range of clients, from financial advisors and individual investors to institutional investors including pension plans, corporate plans, sovereign wealth funds and endowments and foundations.

AGF has investment operations and client servicing teams on the ground in North America, Europe and Asia. With over $38 billion in total assets under management, AGF serves more than one million investors. AGF trades on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol AGF.B.

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