Global Investing

Stay on the right side of change with a global investment approach.

As investors retreat in the face of uncertainty, we're exploring new growth opportunities around the world.

The Ebb and Flow of Globalization

For over a century, we've witnessed the ebb and flow of globalization. But, after decades of growth, have we come to a tipping point?

Take a Global Approach to Investing

As talk of tariffs and trade wars continue, investors are in retreat. But when the market shifts, a portfolio overweight in domestic securities may experience stalled growth. Now more than ever, a solid country allocation framework is imperative to defending against uncertainty.

To help keep your clients on the right side of change, consider these three portfolio strategies developed to both minimize risk and maximize return.

Building a Diverse Core

Maintaining a good country allocation framework, and exposure to a variety of regional companies is necessary to defend against the ebb and flow of globalization.

Increasing Yield

Boosting yield and income can help cushion portfolios, effectively reducing downside risk when disruptions occur in both domestic and global markets.

Generating Alpha

Adding further exposure to different investment styles and market segments can boost returns while reducing risk through additional diversification.

Why AGF?

AGF has always understood the importance and impact of the global markets to investors. In fact, it's the reason the company was founded 60 years ago – to democratize access to foreign markets for Canadians.

Our team is on the ground in 9 countries, seeking out the global companies capable not just of surviving a market disruption, but capitalizing on it. We speak the languages of the nations we invest in, allowing us to decipher cultural nuances and identify new growth opportunities that could otherwise slip under a Canadian investor's radar.


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