Alternative Investing Strategies

Income investing remains an important component of an investor’s portfolio in a time marked by rising debt loads, low interest rates and stagnant wages. Finding sources of income is a challenge. 

In today’s low interest rate environment, dividend paying stocks can be an attractive way to potentially generate more yield and diversify sources of income within a client’s portfolio. However, they can add to more risk than an investor may want to take on.  


Why AGFiQ for Income

AGFiQ U.S. Long/Short Dividend Income CAD-Hedged Fund/ETF uses an innovative long/short structure that has the potential to dramatically cut volatility, reducing the potential for a large drawdown.

This strategy aims to provide equity dividends with a bond-like risk profile by taking long positions in companies with stable, increasing or high current dividends and shorting those with no or low dividends.

The result? The potential for a stable income stream with the risk profile of a corporate bond.


Continuing Education

An Introduction to Liquid Alternatives

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AGF Alternatives

Our expertise and partnerships across the spectrum of alternative strategies allows investors access to and benefit from allocations to alternatives investments as part of a disciplined investment approach.

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