AGFiQ US Long/Short Dividend Income CAD-Hedged Strategy

By: AGFiQ • October 7, 2019

An Innovative Income Product for Today’s Challenging Environment.

Aims to provide equity dividends with a bond-like risk profile by taking long positions in companies that have stable, increasing or high current dividends, and shorting those with no or low dividends.

Key Reasons to Invest

Alternative source of yield
The strategy’s innovative long/short structure has the potential to dramatically cut volatility, reducing the potential for a large drawdown while maintaining focus on dividend producing securities for added yield.

Low correlation
Portfolio construction methodology attempts to reduce volatility and generally exhibits lower correlation to traditional asset classes, such as equities and fixed income

Innovation for today’s environment
By combining high yields, lower volatility and the advantages of the strategy’s alternative construction, investors stand to benefit from the higher yields of dividend stocks with potential to protect against the volatility of equity markets.

The Strategy Lives at the Intersection of Three Key Investment Themes:



Fund Characterstics



Investors seeking income with a strategic or tactical hedge for equity portfolios.

INDXX Hedged Dividend Income Currency-Hedged CAD Index


 Also available as a mutual fund

Fund Codes MF F V
Fund CA 4093 4193 4293 5037
US 4094 4194 4294 5137
Series T CA 2123 2223 2323
Series V CA 3040 3140 3240 2525
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