AGFiQ US Market Neutral Anti-Beta CAD-Hedged ETF

By: AGFiQ • October 7, 2019
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An Effective Hedge Against Equity Market Volatility.

QBTL’s long/short construction – investing long in U.S. equities that have below average beta and shorting those securities that have above average beta – has the potential to increase the return profile during market volatility with a negative correlation to the broad equity market.

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Downside protection
Designed with a negative beta to the market, QBTL has the potential to deliver positive returns during significant market drawdowns
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Reduced volatility
When market sell-offs occur, volatility typically increases – leading to high-beta stocks underperforming low-beta stocks. Conversely, when the market is trending up, volatilitytypically decreases–leading to low-beta stocks to underperform high-beta stocks. Typically speaking, the spread between these two scenarios has the potential to create an attractive asymmetry of returns.
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Strategically manage drawdowns
Timing market drawdowns has historically been difficult. Maintaining a strategic position in QBTL potentially eliminates the need to time market events while maintaining exposure to equity markets.

5 Key Benefits of Liquid Alternatives

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Diversification through low to non-correlated return sources
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Reduced volatility and risk
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Downside protection and capital preservation
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Greater risk-adjusted returns
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Hedging against rising interest rates or inflation

AGFiQ U.S. Market Neutral Anti-Beta CAD-Hedged ETF is designed to provide a strategic or tactical hedge for equity portfolios, the fund uses a custom process for portfolio construction.

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investors seeking a strategic or tactical hedge for equity portfolios.

Dow Jones U.S. Thematic Market Neutral Anti-Beta Index (CAD-hedged)


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An Introduction to Liquid Alternatives

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Beta is a measure of the volatility of a portfolio in comparison to the market as a whole. It indicates the portfolio's sensitivity to swings in the market. A beta of 1 indicates the portfolio's price will move with the market; less than 1 indicates less volatility and greater than 1 indicates more volatility, relative to the market.

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