AGF’s Alternatives Business

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Global economic uncertainty in recent years is driving increasing demand from institutional and individual investors for more stable and sustainable long-term investment returns, including allocating to alternative asset classes such as real assets. As an emerging and growth platform for AGF, the Alternatives Business includes distinctive investment products like the flagship InstarAGF Essential Infrastructure Fund (EIF) and Stream Asset Financial LP (SAFM LP).  

In 2014, as part of our capital reallocation strategy, we established a joint venture with Instar Group Inc. (Instar) to form InstarAGF Inc. (InstarAGF), in which AGF holds a 51% economic interest.  InstarAGF, which is an integral element of AGF’s alternatives business strategy, is an independent alternative asset management firm with an emphasis on real assets, including infrastructure investments, in the North American middle market. InstarAGF’s long-term objective is to develop and manage diversified alternative investment products for institutional and individual investors, which, in addition to infrastructure, could include timber or agriculture and other private equity investments, among others. InstarAGF’s growing team of professionals has more than 130 years of combined investment, asset management, and mergers and acquisitions expertise in the private capital industry, including infrastructure, private equity and real estate investments in Canada, the United States, Europe and the United Kingdom.