AGF’s Quantitative Solutions and ETF Platform


Our quantitative solutions and ETF platform, AGFiQ Asset Management (AGFiQ), brings together a team of over 20 investment professionals, from across AGF and its affiliates, managing AUM of approximately $4.9 billion.

AGFiQ’s portfolio and investment management team has extensive experience in quantitative investing and research with a core investment discipline focused on factor-based investing. AGFiQ is grounded in the belief that investment outcomes can be improved by assessing and targeting the factors that drive market returns with the objective to provide better risk-adjusted returns by utilizing a flexible, multi-factor process centered on the principle of viewing risk through multiple lenses. All of its research and analysis is done internally, backed by an investment team with a diverse skill set ranging from scientists to academics to traditional fundamental analysts.

The AGFiQ platform extends beyond our investment management expertise and includes the capability to deliver complete trading infrastructure to support ETFs and related mutual fund products, including Investment Company Act of 1940 registered products. AGFiQ also has the ability to offer long and short products as we do today in the U.S. market. This deep expertise lends itself to the creation of custom solutions in a variety of vehicles including mutual funds, exchange traded products and portfolios, and separately managed accounts designed to help investors achieve the full spectrum of investment objectives from capital appreciation to risk management.

On January 30, 2017, AGF entered the Canadian ETF marketplace with the launch of seven new ETFs, traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange. On April 24, 2017, AGF officially launched AGFiQ into the U.S. market, in recognition of the combined quantitative investment management team members who come together across Canada and the U.S.; and in support of AGF’s suite of U.S.-listed factor-based AGFiQ ETFs.