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Investor Financial Advisor Institutional
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Expected rate of return: %
Inflation rate: %
Number of years to retirement:
Retirement Needs
Income required in today's dollars: $
Income frequency:
Income increases with inflation(y/n): Yes   No
Number of years funds to last:
Saving Details
Current RRSP holdings: $
Regular contribution value: $
Contribution frequency:
Contribution increases with inflation(y/n): Yes   No

Annual income in future dollars $ 0.00
Required savings at retirement $ 0.00
Future value of current RRSP $ 0.00
Total annual contributions $ 0.00
Value of RRSP at retirement $ 0.00
Net amount required to meet needs $ 0.00
Additional contributions required $ 0.00
Contribution required per period $ 0.00
The information contained herein is based on certain assumptions and is for illustrative purposes only. While care is taken in the preparation of this document,no warranty is made as to the accuracy of applicability in any particular case. will be These calculators are provided for general illustrative purposes only. All examples are hypothetical. They are provided only as educational tools and do not constitute investment advice. To take into account your specific circumstances, you should obtain professional investment/legal and/or tax possible, as appropriate.