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AGF Floating Rate Income Fund


Experience is critical in the floating-rate market

AGF Floating Rate Income Fund is managed by Eaton Vance Investment Managers - the largest floating-rate manager by assets in North America.

1 | Interest rates are low now, but they won't be low forever.

The last 20 years have undoubtedly been a bond bull market. Falling interest rates have helped investors return more in fixed income investments than in equities. However, times are changing. Interest rates won't be low forever and it's time to position your clients' portfolios to take advantage of rising rates.

Loans vs. Bonds

Source: Eaton Vance, September 30, 2016.

2 | Loans are senior and secured

Loans are senior and secured. Typically, floating-rate loans hold the most senior position in a borrower's capital structure. This is important to loan investors because loans normally provide for the highest priority of claims on a borrower's cash flows and assets in the case of a default. Loans most often achieve this seniority by being "secured" by specific assets and/or stock pledged as collateral.

3 | Correlation. What correlation?

Because floating-rate loans have many unique investment characteristics, they often perform differently from the traditional asset classes most common to investment portfolios. The illustration shows how floating-rate loans have historically exhibited low correlation with stocks and many fixed-income asset classes, such as government, municipal and investment-grade corporate bonds.

5 year correlation

Source: Morningstar Direct, Credit Suisse Leveraged Loan Index, September 30, 2016.

4 | The advantage of Eaton Vance - a pioneer in floating-rate loan investment management

  • Measurable track record since 1989
  • Significant floating-rate loan investment resources and specialization
  • Extensive contiguous experience of investment team
  • Continuity of philosophy and process over time
  • History of performance over multiple market cycles


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A tool outlining the benefits of floating-rate loans and AGF Floating Rate Income Fund.
A basic informational guide on floating-rate loans in Q and A format.
An excerpt from a recent advisor white paper from Eaton Vance Management.
The Case for Reallocating to Floating-Rate Loans from High-Yield Bonds
Fixed-income investors have enjoyed an unprecedented bull market in bonds over the last 30 years, with falling interest rates adding significant price appreciation on top of bonds’ coupon income. However, times are changing and interest rates won’t be low forever. Now is the time to retool your portfolio for the eventuality of rising rates.

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The Fund provides monthly income (that floats with changing interest rates) and capital growth by investing in U.S. senior secured bank loans. This asset class provides protection against interest-rate risk and offers low correlation to typical fixed-income and equity securities.


Eaton Vance, the largest floating-rate loan manager by assets in North America, uses a bottom-up, research-driven investment approach, utilizing the expertise of 29 investment professionals to build a portfolio of senior floating-rate loans, diversified by sector, issuer and credit tier.

Portfolio Managers / Advisors
Co-Director, Floating-Rate Loan Investment Group
Eaton Vance Management
Co-Director, Floating-Rate Loan Investment Group
Eaton Vance Management
Vice-President, Portfolio Manager
Eaton Vance Management

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