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AGF Global Dividend Fund

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Why AGF Global Dividend Fund?

1 | Consistent performance driven by a disciplined process.

Refined over the past 20+ years, our process combines a top-down country allocation framework to identify attractive markets and a bottom-up approach to uncover quality companies with a sustainable competitive advantage.

2 | History of downside protection.

Strong risk controls at the country, sector and company level, have contributed to lower volatility and better downside protection than peers.

3 | Dividends matter.

Based on historical research, dividends have been a key driver for total return for equities over the long term. 65% of total real returns since 1900 have come from dividends.*

*Source: Credit Suisse, February 2015.

Also available in corporate class.

Corporate funds can only distribute Canadian taxable dividends or capital gains dividends, both of which are taxed more favourably than regular income.

Consistency in performance

The Fund uses a disciplined institutional-style process that diversifies investments from both a country and sector perspective, manages risk at every stage and results in a consistent track record of outperformance.

consistency chart

Source: Morningstar Direct, as of March 31, 2017.

Annualized Performance
(C$, net of fees as of March 2017)
1 yr.3 yr.5 yr.PSD*
AGF Global Dividend Fund 11.5 10.5 12.8 7.0
Morningstar Global Equity peer group (number of funds) 14.1
(1,271 funds)
(867 funds)
(672 funds)

Source: AGF Investment Operations. Morningstar, as of March 31, 2017. *PSD = Performance Start Date (Aug. 22, 2007).

History of downside protection

On the whole, the Fund has exhibited lower volatility and better downside protection than its peers.
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Source: Morningstar Direct, as of December 31, 2016.

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The All World Tax Advantage Group is a mutual fund corporation that currently offers approximately 20 different classes of securities. In addition to fund diversification by investment style, geography and market capitalization, a key benefit of investing in any of the classes within the group is the possibility of sharing incurred expenses (and losses) of the combined structure potentially offsetting income earnings to minimize chance of a dividend declaration. For a more detailed explanation, please see

Publication Date: May 12, 2017.


This Fund provides investors with the benefits of global market diversification and capital appreciation potential by focusing on high-quality, dividend-paying companies.


The Fund's total-return approach incorporates both a top-down country allocation framework and bottom-up fundamental research to uncover the best dividend-paying investment ideas across global markets.

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