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AGF American Growth Class


"In 1957, creating the American Growth Fund required vision." - C. Warren Goldring

Investing in the U.S. equity market still requires vision. Tony Genua, Portfolio Manager of AGF American Growth Class, uses his 35 years of industry experience through a variety of economic cycles to seek out innovative companies that he believes are the leaders of today and tomorrow.

1. The original U.S. equity fund in Canada

Launched in 1957 as the first equity fund available to Canadian investors, AGF American Growth Class stands at the forefront of a long line of ground-breaking inventions.

Innovations that have changed the face of America

Innovations that have changed the face of America

2. Proven approach

The experience and high conviction of Portfolio Manager Tony Genua and his growth approach has resulted in a 6.14%* return since transitioning the portfolio on May 1, 2005, while the average peer returned 4.25%** over the same period.

Strong long-term performance

Strong long-term performance

*The following are the average annual net compound returns for AGF American Growth Class as at June 30, 2014: one-year 30.5%, three-year 16.3%, five-year 14.3%, 10-year 4.7% and since Performance Start Date 8.5% (June 28,1957).

**Source: Morningstar, June 30, 2014. The following are the average annual net compound returns (and the number of funds) for the peer group as at June 30, 2014: one-year 26.4% (716 funds), three-year 20.6% (450 funds), five-year 16.8% (359 funds), 10-year 5.3% (179 funds). For greater detail see

3. Looking for tomorrow’s leaders

Innovation is impacting industries and creating new market leadership. Many companies that led previous market recoveries stand to be eclipsed by the emerging leaders in their field who are part of the ‘New Economy.’

The New Economy refers to the shift from a production-based to a knowledge-based economy. In the ‘old economy,’ market growth was primarily spurred by improvements in manufacturing efficiency. In the New Economy, growth is impacted by new technologies that can be utilized to improve a service.

Innovation is impacting industries

Technology Cloud, Mobility, Social Media, Big Data, Collaborative Consumption, 3D Printing
Health Care Life Sciences/Genomics, Electronic Medical Records
Renaissance of U.S. Manufacturing Transportation, Durables
Renewable Energy/Clean Technology Solar, Wind, Energy Efficiency
U.S. Energy Self-Sufficiency Chemical, Refiners


The U.S. bull market is still intact and we believe investors should stay the course to participate in anticipated futher gains.
"Sell in May and go away" is still relevant, but AGF American Growth Class has outperformed in all seasons.
With winter just around the corner, it’s beginning to get cold outside and the days are becoming shorter – but if history is any indication, now is just the time to feel comfortable being long in your investment portfolio.
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The experienced manager of this flagship U.S. equity fund targets long-term capital growth by investing in dominant growth companies located in the world's largest market.


The portfolio manager uses a bottom-up growth investment style and looks for companies that have above-average earnings and revenue growth, display key growth characteristics relative to their own history, industry or overall market and that can sustain their competitive position.

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